Monday, October 8, 2012

whomp whomp whomp.....

whoever said that becoming a teacher is easy...must not know very much about the college preparatory process that future and current teachers have endured.....

College has finally proven itself challenging as midterm grades are being handed back. I am currently preparing myself to sprint toward the finish line of my first fall semester. The end of the first half of freshman year is approaching and if I can just keep my eyes on  December 7th (the day I go home for Christmas break) I will be okay....I think.

I just have to keep on chugging like the little engine that could...except my mother won't allow me to say "I think I can", she encourages me to say "I know I can!" So here I am...knowing I can and doing my best. I know for sure that I want to be decorating and teaching my own classroom full of students one day so I have to work towards that goal.

I'm saying all this to say..


Stay Blessed, and prepare to see/hear of me walk across the stage in 2016.
Remember....Failure is NEVER an Option <3 -Jasmine

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