Saturday, October 13, 2012

things I live by...

1)When your heart tells you something is wrong it is usually guiding you to the what's best for you.

2) good memories are precious. keep them and remember them anyway you can to preserve the loving and happy times you've shared with loved ones. Life is short and precious. Cherish the ones you love.

3) You must always take care of yourself, love yourself, and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated <3- No one but God knows you like you do <3

4) Life isn't fair. And there isn't anything you can do but trust God to provide.

5) As the years fly by, friends will fade away, skies will turn to gray, your smiles with flip upside down but with prayer your smiles are found (yes, I wrote that ;) )

6) Laugh hard and laugh often because laughter makes everything seem less horrible or stressful that it seems at the time. Often whatever you are stressing about is not as big or bad as you thought. How about laughter is also the best medicine and makes me happy!! :)

7) always looks for the rainbows on a rainy day aka the blessings in situations where something beautiful seems impossible to find

8) no matter what you are going through someone is always going through worse. no matter the struggle...if you are not dead it hasn't killed you. And if it hasn't killed you, it will make you stronger and wiser.

9) Never be afraid to cry.  Jesus also wept. Sometimes you have to let it out and move on. it is okay and good for you.

10) Calling home from college is a rite of passage for those close to their familia. A good cry to mom and dad reminds you that you are no longer a baby, but you are blossoming into a young adult who now holds some of their previous responsibilities for you. And that scares you (ME!) but they fear also to let go.

11) Growing up is hard to do. Because once you finally are close to adulthood you realize why older people push you to enjoy being young because being an adult is "no fun" or not as fun. Now I understand why....

12) Always forgive but never forget. Every obstacle is a lesson to be learned and knowledge to be gained.

13) Love is hard to find. Good relationships are hard to maintain. Good guys are few and far between. and chocolate has never been tastier ( a joke lol)

14) When in doubt, snot fills your snout, and all you wish to do is run about....cut out the lights and lay it down to nap before you do something you may regret while steamed in anger and boiling in hate. In other words, think before you act, speak, and decide. ( I just like making up poems that rhyme lol never you mind)

15) God placed me here for a reason. Daily he's allowed me to wake up. Life will get hard, but don't stop living just because it gets hard.

16) Anything worth having is worth fighting for. This includes chocolate, french fries, and funnel cakes (trying to lighten it up a bit)

17) Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.

18) People will forget what you said. people will forget what you did...but people will never forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou

19) Don't allow roadblocks to  prevent you from being successful.  If you never achieve anything precious to the world (ie money, fame, legacy), if you are happy , you are OK!  <3

20) Before you live by anything else or allow anyone to give you the Bible and cast your cares (burdens) on the one who knows everything about you from the beginning until the end and loves you like no one else can <3 Daily I learn that no one can love and protect me like my creator, Savior, and very best friend Jesus :)

Stay Blessed and Remember to smile <3 Jasmine

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