Monday, September 10, 2012

thoughts, hope & dreams....

I want to be a teacher...

I want to teach & make a difference in this world...

I want to inspire kids to love to learn and do their best

I want to teach & follow my dream

to teach little sweetie's reading, math, science, writing, & make arts & crafts galore

I cannot wait to accomplish this<<333 

(in this pic below????..yeah that will be me someday ;) )

xoxo stay blessed & work passionately towards your dreams/goals <3 Jas

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


i love you
more than you'll ever know
more than the misty rain
and fluffy snow
i love you
more than the shore does the sea
more than the cake loves the icing
more than the fat kid
and his cake
i love you
cause you make my heart smile
i love you
cause you are the uno para mi! :) <3

just a lil somethin somethin !! Happy Wednesday! :) <3 Jas

Monday, September 3, 2012

"& it cuts like a knife, she's out of my life...."

Today is significant is more ways than can be expressed. To realize that such a gorgeous day not only represents a day of rest but also the day that a hardworking angel was called home to rest.Forever my inspiration, forever my love...Rest in Paradise Aunt Boobie. <3 Now you can rest on this day of rest and forever more in Heaven with Jesus.....and I believe your homecoming party is amazing up there! See you soon (today I'm rocking the pearl bracelet you gave me) <333 XOXO <3 only seems like yesterday you were here and you smiled at me :(

"<3 I miss you like everyday wanna be with you, but your away <3"- Beyonce "I miss you" 

Cherish every precious moment you have for tomorrow is promised to no one. Live well, love well, laugh often, dance crazy, and give huge bear hugs. Cause life is nothing without the ones you love<33
God Bless..Love Jas <3