Monday, August 20, 2012

Likes & Dislikes about college....

Hey blog world :)

Its been a long time mostly because I've had a lot going on lately....I've recently gotten my license, moved into my college dorm and started college (elementary ed major), and am currently working on adjusting to the college life although I've been in college for almost 3 weeks now. So here are some likes and dislikes I've come to realize and observed while I've been here.


1. It is fun to be in college and meet cool people, make new friends, reconnect with old ones. Meeting new people with similar morals and personalities makes the adjustment easier
2. My roommate! My roommate is a blessing and I feel like I've known her forever. We keep each other laughing and she is a major reason why I am adjusting well and continue to smile
3. The campus. The campus is gorgeous and lovely (when you aren't rushing to class that is). I've realized that I actually like walking a lot and its healthier than just riding in a car. It encourages healthier eating  habits which is great so to avoid that "freshman 15"
4. I really like all of the opportunities to be involved and do something fun or constructive on campus. There are so many clubs, organizations, volunteer opportunities, and free events scheduled for students and most are fun. (Like watching movies at night in the football stadium with friends).
5. I appreciate the freedom of making my own decisions to some extent...but I was never the child who felt as though I wanted to do any and everything that my parents didn't approve freedom wasn't something that was a huge deal for me but I appreciate it.


1. Being an hour and some change away from home. ( I miss my family and always wish I was with them)
2. how superficial and fake so many people are just for no reason (the students). People (especially freshmen) are so pressed to meet people and seem like they have it all together that they use people and act friendly towards people until they get where they want to be.
3. How people act. People can be friendly..and many are...but if you aren't super fancy (meaning brand name everything or into the party/drink/smoke/ lifestyle you aren't "cool enough" to say hello to or smile at even though you were just asking to borrow something the other day... -____-
4. How far some things are on campus. My teachers are all understanding (Thank you Lord <3) because some of my classes only leave me 10 minutes before my next class starts and often the first class goes over its time.
5. The fact that textbooks and computer software is almost always required and costs a lot of money is sort of annoying. Thank God I have the money to pay for them but the list of books for class is always pricey.
6. Math Class! It makes me nervous. I'm making myself do my best in that class of course, but it will not be easy (not that it should be) because for the first time in a while I CANNOT  use a calculator. Sigh :/
7. Sharing general areas to chill with everyone..some people are too loud, some are messy, others are "cliquey" and act as if they own a space, and some act as if you don't chill with them all the time that you are somehow "snobby" or rude.
8. The fact that high school drama seems to have followed many to college is annoying but I'm grateful that I'm not a part of it.

College is full of up's and down's for me and for everyone else I'm sure. I've adjusted and am adjusting to a lot but I am blessed and thankful that God has blessed me with the friends, roommate, and support system that I do have. I know this situation is temporary and only for my advancement so I choose to be optimistic.

<3 just wanted to share a quick update before classes become extra busy <3 stay blessed <3 Jasmine