Tuesday, July 24, 2012

little princess, big world

In less than 2 weeks
I'm going to be in college
seems like yesterday I was struggling to memorize multiplication facts
 or jumping rope with my braids bouncing in rhythm with every thud as my feet hit the concrete.
I wonder am I like the girl I thought or dreamed to be as a child?
I used to look in the mirror and say I wonder what high school Jasmine looks like
now I'm staring at college Jasmine
wondering what this journey will make of her
and what this journey will take of her.
I'm gonna miss movie nights with the fam
longs talks with mommy
singing with dad
and playing wii with my sister
and doing her hair
I pray to be the role model
thee example she needs to excel
Im nervous
im concerned
im a ocean full of emotions in relation to this transition
im going through
im already in debt
im up to my neck
well not really
but I've never seen a thousand all together at once
and I have almost 10,000 to repay
hopefully no more than that
but I exhale after holding my breath in fear
casting my cares on God
knowing He will be there
and even though on August 9th 2012
my parents and my sister
will leave me in a dorm in greensboro to stay for a while
I'm ready now
So look out world here I come :)

p.s. this picture is random but super cute!! <333 Stay Blessed- Jasmine Troy

hopes, dreams, broken hearts, and a King

A Poem: "Love Me Perfectly"
Sometimes I don't know what to believe
I don't know if I believe in you and me
Like Whitney sings..
My heart smiles when I think of you
I have mixed emotions
I'm blue and I have no clues
as to why
I feel this way
I love you I think
I love you I may
I love you I know
my brain's on overload
you treat me so kind
dosen't seem real in my mind
my friends beg me to focus
my family begs me to forget
cause this love to them is temporary
education is my boyfriend they say
this is all true
but we don't even date
and lately I'm thinking
where is this path leading me
what decisions should I make
is your smile truly full of love
or am I falling for an illusion
please forgive me for questioning
I've gone through so many losers
only time will tell
only God knows
but as for me unfortunately
its how the story goes
I promised my Auntie
may she Rest in Paradise
I would choose carefully
the man I'm with forever
its early and already I see
Stormy Weather
is this is a sign?
should I run before I slip and slide
into another puddle of disappointment
God please guide me
I'm lost in his ocean
of sweet talking and compliments
my head is big with the love he claims to have
the jealously tries to consume me
I push it away
girls voices in the background
I can't agree with but I try to stay
I'm a princess
hoping her prince
or this prince is in this world somewhere
Her aladdin who'd be glad to
love her forever
feels like never will I be granted this wish
Don't have fairy God-mother
I bow to a Savior who knows all that is best
I worry for nothing cause I know my heart HE
my burdens HE collects
so what if I never
end up with THEE ONE
Its in Him I find
love, life, happiness, and rest
In HIS arms will I lay
everyday whether this one is
or not
too young I seem
to be so deep I know
but "I love him" I scream
and God pulled me in close
and said "Sweetheart I know"
and I looked up at Him with tears in my eyes
and HE said
"When you've found him is when we'll both know who THEE ONE for you is"
and as I lay myself to sleep I realized THEE ONLY ONE for me is Jesus
my bestfriend, my boyfriend, my rock, my true love
cause humans fall short
but my King loves me perfectly.

-Jasmine Troy- *written a while ago while I was in my feelings about love and praying that God would help me understand If I was in love and if the love was true. This poem begins with me (or a girl)  speaking out loud either to herself or her love and expressing feelings she realized she has kept  in or hidden. The girl in the poem then finally talks to God about her concerns realizing she cannot solve this or anything on her own. She found her answer in His (GOD) loving her and being THEE ONLY ONE who loves perfectly. She will never find Prince Charming he is a fairtale you see, but with God's guidance She can find someone who loves the Lord and loves her for who she is  <3 if God's will for her so be <3 Thanks for reading :)