Friday, May 4, 2012

Growing Pains....

Hello Blog World! It's been a while...I lot has happened in the past couple of months that has prevented me from having the time to sit down and blog ! I missed blogging so much because it is very theruputic and relaxing for me! :( but I'm back! ---> :)

So let me fill you in,

I've gotten a job, gotten closer to the end of my high school education (may 25th is the last day!!!) and been working on taking care of myself ( my health, well being, happiness, etc.)

Today, I'd like to share my thoughts on some of the growing pains I've been having, not physically but emotionally and spiritually.The term growing pains is often used to describe a series of events that happen, usually to teenagers/ young adults, where they are transitioning into adulthood or adapting to a whole new world inside the world they thought they knew and how difficult it truly is!

I can't believe I'm graduating high school and leaving home because its all I've ever known! It hasn't even hit me yet that I'll be moving into a college dorm on august 11th of this year! Then, some other growing pains are the fact that as I grow and mature myself ,and especially with God, the friends who seemed the best are not so amazing anymore, and I find myself really seeking and knowing God to be my very best friend. I think this is the hardest growing pain I'm currently dealing with.My friends are showing themselves to be completely different from who I thought they were and it breaks my heart. Perhaps because I thought the middle school/ high school freshman "best friends forever" statement was really true. How was I to know my friends would engage in adult activities and decide to choose newer friends over a friend like me who has always been and would've been there for them? Because I love so hard and I care so much I often get my feelings hurt. But now that I realize that my best friends are different people who I may not be "best friends forever" with the growing pains have come into play. My growing pains are not as severe as I thought they would be because I rock with the greatest. God has always been my best friend and His love never fails and He never changes on me.

I am somewhat nervous about what is to come and I don't know exactly how I will handle everything life throws at me, but what I do know is that "Long as I got King Jesus...I don't need nobody else" ( lol just kidding lol I just thought that song would fit.) But as long as I am rocking with the greatest friend I could ever ask for I'll be just fine! <333 God Bless! <3 Jasmine