Saturday, October 13, 2012

things I live by...

1)When your heart tells you something is wrong it is usually guiding you to the what's best for you.

2) good memories are precious. keep them and remember them anyway you can to preserve the loving and happy times you've shared with loved ones. Life is short and precious. Cherish the ones you love.

3) You must always take care of yourself, love yourself, and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated <3- No one but God knows you like you do <3

4) Life isn't fair. And there isn't anything you can do but trust God to provide.

5) As the years fly by, friends will fade away, skies will turn to gray, your smiles with flip upside down but with prayer your smiles are found (yes, I wrote that ;) )

6) Laugh hard and laugh often because laughter makes everything seem less horrible or stressful that it seems at the time. Often whatever you are stressing about is not as big or bad as you thought. How about laughter is also the best medicine and makes me happy!! :)

7) always looks for the rainbows on a rainy day aka the blessings in situations where something beautiful seems impossible to find

8) no matter what you are going through someone is always going through worse. no matter the struggle...if you are not dead it hasn't killed you. And if it hasn't killed you, it will make you stronger and wiser.

9) Never be afraid to cry.  Jesus also wept. Sometimes you have to let it out and move on. it is okay and good for you.

10) Calling home from college is a rite of passage for those close to their familia. A good cry to mom and dad reminds you that you are no longer a baby, but you are blossoming into a young adult who now holds some of their previous responsibilities for you. And that scares you (ME!) but they fear also to let go.

11) Growing up is hard to do. Because once you finally are close to adulthood you realize why older people push you to enjoy being young because being an adult is "no fun" or not as fun. Now I understand why....

12) Always forgive but never forget. Every obstacle is a lesson to be learned and knowledge to be gained.

13) Love is hard to find. Good relationships are hard to maintain. Good guys are few and far between. and chocolate has never been tastier ( a joke lol)

14) When in doubt, snot fills your snout, and all you wish to do is run about....cut out the lights and lay it down to nap before you do something you may regret while steamed in anger and boiling in hate. In other words, think before you act, speak, and decide. ( I just like making up poems that rhyme lol never you mind)

15) God placed me here for a reason. Daily he's allowed me to wake up. Life will get hard, but don't stop living just because it gets hard.

16) Anything worth having is worth fighting for. This includes chocolate, french fries, and funnel cakes (trying to lighten it up a bit)

17) Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.

18) People will forget what you said. people will forget what you did...but people will never forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou

19) Don't allow roadblocks to  prevent you from being successful.  If you never achieve anything precious to the world (ie money, fame, legacy), if you are happy , you are OK!  <3

20) Before you live by anything else or allow anyone to give you the Bible and cast your cares (burdens) on the one who knows everything about you from the beginning until the end and loves you like no one else can <3 Daily I learn that no one can love and protect me like my creator, Savior, and very best friend Jesus :)

Stay Blessed and Remember to smile <3 Jasmine

Monday, October 8, 2012

whomp whomp whomp.....

whoever said that becoming a teacher is easy...must not know very much about the college preparatory process that future and current teachers have endured.....

College has finally proven itself challenging as midterm grades are being handed back. I am currently preparing myself to sprint toward the finish line of my first fall semester. The end of the first half of freshman year is approaching and if I can just keep my eyes on  December 7th (the day I go home for Christmas break) I will be okay....I think.

I just have to keep on chugging like the little engine that could...except my mother won't allow me to say "I think I can", she encourages me to say "I know I can!" So here I am...knowing I can and doing my best. I know for sure that I want to be decorating and teaching my own classroom full of students one day so I have to work towards that goal.

I'm saying all this to say..


Stay Blessed, and prepare to see/hear of me walk across the stage in 2016.
Remember....Failure is NEVER an Option <3 -Jasmine

Monday, September 10, 2012

thoughts, hope & dreams....

I want to be a teacher...

I want to teach & make a difference in this world...

I want to inspire kids to love to learn and do their best

I want to teach & follow my dream

to teach little sweetie's reading, math, science, writing, & make arts & crafts galore

I cannot wait to accomplish this<<333 

(in this pic below????..yeah that will be me someday ;) )

xoxo stay blessed & work passionately towards your dreams/goals <3 Jas

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


i love you
more than you'll ever know
more than the misty rain
and fluffy snow
i love you
more than the shore does the sea
more than the cake loves the icing
more than the fat kid
and his cake
i love you
cause you make my heart smile
i love you
cause you are the uno para mi! :) <3

just a lil somethin somethin !! Happy Wednesday! :) <3 Jas

Monday, September 3, 2012

"& it cuts like a knife, she's out of my life...."

Today is significant is more ways than can be expressed. To realize that such a gorgeous day not only represents a day of rest but also the day that a hardworking angel was called home to rest.Forever my inspiration, forever my love...Rest in Paradise Aunt Boobie. <3 Now you can rest on this day of rest and forever more in Heaven with Jesus.....and I believe your homecoming party is amazing up there! See you soon (today I'm rocking the pearl bracelet you gave me) <333 XOXO <3 only seems like yesterday you were here and you smiled at me :(

"<3 I miss you like everyday wanna be with you, but your away <3"- Beyonce "I miss you" 

Cherish every precious moment you have for tomorrow is promised to no one. Live well, love well, laugh often, dance crazy, and give huge bear hugs. Cause life is nothing without the ones you love<33
God Bless..Love Jas <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

Likes & Dislikes about college....

Hey blog world :)

Its been a long time mostly because I've had a lot going on lately....I've recently gotten my license, moved into my college dorm and started college (elementary ed major), and am currently working on adjusting to the college life although I've been in college for almost 3 weeks now. So here are some likes and dislikes I've come to realize and observed while I've been here.


1. It is fun to be in college and meet cool people, make new friends, reconnect with old ones. Meeting new people with similar morals and personalities makes the adjustment easier
2. My roommate! My roommate is a blessing and I feel like I've known her forever. We keep each other laughing and she is a major reason why I am adjusting well and continue to smile
3. The campus. The campus is gorgeous and lovely (when you aren't rushing to class that is). I've realized that I actually like walking a lot and its healthier than just riding in a car. It encourages healthier eating  habits which is great so to avoid that "freshman 15"
4. I really like all of the opportunities to be involved and do something fun or constructive on campus. There are so many clubs, organizations, volunteer opportunities, and free events scheduled for students and most are fun. (Like watching movies at night in the football stadium with friends).
5. I appreciate the freedom of making my own decisions to some extent...but I was never the child who felt as though I wanted to do any and everything that my parents didn't approve freedom wasn't something that was a huge deal for me but I appreciate it.


1. Being an hour and some change away from home. ( I miss my family and always wish I was with them)
2. how superficial and fake so many people are just for no reason (the students). People (especially freshmen) are so pressed to meet people and seem like they have it all together that they use people and act friendly towards people until they get where they want to be.
3. How people act. People can be friendly..and many are...but if you aren't super fancy (meaning brand name everything or into the party/drink/smoke/ lifestyle you aren't "cool enough" to say hello to or smile at even though you were just asking to borrow something the other day... -____-
4. How far some things are on campus. My teachers are all understanding (Thank you Lord <3) because some of my classes only leave me 10 minutes before my next class starts and often the first class goes over its time.
5. The fact that textbooks and computer software is almost always required and costs a lot of money is sort of annoying. Thank God I have the money to pay for them but the list of books for class is always pricey.
6. Math Class! It makes me nervous. I'm making myself do my best in that class of course, but it will not be easy (not that it should be) because for the first time in a while I CANNOT  use a calculator. Sigh :/
7. Sharing general areas to chill with everyone..some people are too loud, some are messy, others are "cliquey" and act as if they own a space, and some act as if you don't chill with them all the time that you are somehow "snobby" or rude.
8. The fact that high school drama seems to have followed many to college is annoying but I'm grateful that I'm not a part of it.

College is full of up's and down's for me and for everyone else I'm sure. I've adjusted and am adjusting to a lot but I am blessed and thankful that God has blessed me with the friends, roommate, and support system that I do have. I know this situation is temporary and only for my advancement so I choose to be optimistic.

<3 just wanted to share a quick update before classes become extra busy <3 stay blessed <3 Jasmine

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

little princess, big world

In less than 2 weeks
I'm going to be in college
seems like yesterday I was struggling to memorize multiplication facts
 or jumping rope with my braids bouncing in rhythm with every thud as my feet hit the concrete.
I wonder am I like the girl I thought or dreamed to be as a child?
I used to look in the mirror and say I wonder what high school Jasmine looks like
now I'm staring at college Jasmine
wondering what this journey will make of her
and what this journey will take of her.
I'm gonna miss movie nights with the fam
longs talks with mommy
singing with dad
and playing wii with my sister
and doing her hair
I pray to be the role model
thee example she needs to excel
Im nervous
im concerned
im a ocean full of emotions in relation to this transition
im going through
im already in debt
im up to my neck
well not really
but I've never seen a thousand all together at once
and I have almost 10,000 to repay
hopefully no more than that
but I exhale after holding my breath in fear
casting my cares on God
knowing He will be there
and even though on August 9th 2012
my parents and my sister
will leave me in a dorm in greensboro to stay for a while
I'm ready now
So look out world here I come :)

p.s. this picture is random but super cute!! <333 Stay Blessed- Jasmine Troy

hopes, dreams, broken hearts, and a King

A Poem: "Love Me Perfectly"
Sometimes I don't know what to believe
I don't know if I believe in you and me
Like Whitney sings..
My heart smiles when I think of you
I have mixed emotions
I'm blue and I have no clues
as to why
I feel this way
I love you I think
I love you I may
I love you I know
my brain's on overload
you treat me so kind
dosen't seem real in my mind
my friends beg me to focus
my family begs me to forget
cause this love to them is temporary
education is my boyfriend they say
this is all true
but we don't even date
and lately I'm thinking
where is this path leading me
what decisions should I make
is your smile truly full of love
or am I falling for an illusion
please forgive me for questioning
I've gone through so many losers
only time will tell
only God knows
but as for me unfortunately
its how the story goes
I promised my Auntie
may she Rest in Paradise
I would choose carefully
the man I'm with forever
its early and already I see
Stormy Weather
is this is a sign?
should I run before I slip and slide
into another puddle of disappointment
God please guide me
I'm lost in his ocean
of sweet talking and compliments
my head is big with the love he claims to have
the jealously tries to consume me
I push it away
girls voices in the background
I can't agree with but I try to stay
I'm a princess
hoping her prince
or this prince is in this world somewhere
Her aladdin who'd be glad to
love her forever
feels like never will I be granted this wish
Don't have fairy God-mother
I bow to a Savior who knows all that is best
I worry for nothing cause I know my heart HE
my burdens HE collects
so what if I never
end up with THEE ONE
Its in Him I find
love, life, happiness, and rest
In HIS arms will I lay
everyday whether this one is
or not
too young I seem
to be so deep I know
but "I love him" I scream
and God pulled me in close
and said "Sweetheart I know"
and I looked up at Him with tears in my eyes
and HE said
"When you've found him is when we'll both know who THEE ONE for you is"
and as I lay myself to sleep I realized THEE ONLY ONE for me is Jesus
my bestfriend, my boyfriend, my rock, my true love
cause humans fall short
but my King loves me perfectly.

-Jasmine Troy- *written a while ago while I was in my feelings about love and praying that God would help me understand If I was in love and if the love was true. This poem begins with me (or a girl)  speaking out loud either to herself or her love and expressing feelings she realized she has kept  in or hidden. The girl in the poem then finally talks to God about her concerns realizing she cannot solve this or anything on her own. She found her answer in His (GOD) loving her and being THEE ONLY ONE who loves perfectly. She will never find Prince Charming he is a fairtale you see, but with God's guidance She can find someone who loves the Lord and loves her for who she is  <3 if God's will for her so be <3 Thanks for reading :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Growing Pains....

Hello Blog World! It's been a while...I lot has happened in the past couple of months that has prevented me from having the time to sit down and blog ! I missed blogging so much because it is very theruputic and relaxing for me! :( but I'm back! ---> :)

So let me fill you in,

I've gotten a job, gotten closer to the end of my high school education (may 25th is the last day!!!) and been working on taking care of myself ( my health, well being, happiness, etc.)

Today, I'd like to share my thoughts on some of the growing pains I've been having, not physically but emotionally and spiritually.The term growing pains is often used to describe a series of events that happen, usually to teenagers/ young adults, where they are transitioning into adulthood or adapting to a whole new world inside the world they thought they knew and how difficult it truly is!

I can't believe I'm graduating high school and leaving home because its all I've ever known! It hasn't even hit me yet that I'll be moving into a college dorm on august 11th of this year! Then, some other growing pains are the fact that as I grow and mature myself ,and especially with God, the friends who seemed the best are not so amazing anymore, and I find myself really seeking and knowing God to be my very best friend. I think this is the hardest growing pain I'm currently dealing with.My friends are showing themselves to be completely different from who I thought they were and it breaks my heart. Perhaps because I thought the middle school/ high school freshman "best friends forever" statement was really true. How was I to know my friends would engage in adult activities and decide to choose newer friends over a friend like me who has always been and would've been there for them? Because I love so hard and I care so much I often get my feelings hurt. But now that I realize that my best friends are different people who I may not be "best friends forever" with the growing pains have come into play. My growing pains are not as severe as I thought they would be because I rock with the greatest. God has always been my best friend and His love never fails and He never changes on me.

I am somewhat nervous about what is to come and I don't know exactly how I will handle everything life throws at me, but what I do know is that "Long as I got King Jesus...I don't need nobody else" ( lol just kidding lol I just thought that song would fit.) But as long as I am rocking with the greatest friend I could ever ask for I'll be just fine! <333 God Bless! <3 Jasmine

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Till it happens to you....."

Hello Blog World!

Its been a while since I've blogged! It's been almost a month! But  I finally have something on my heart tht lately was so much on my mind that I decided to blog about it.

I've been thinking about the future. I've been thinking about the present and the past. I've been thinking about love that is to come, people I will soon meet, decisions to be made, and becoming a young adult.

Granted these are things I believe most people think about as seniors in high school. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I often find myself thinking about love and when I will fall in love. To be in love is a feeling all should experiance at some point in their life time. Love is such a gift, after all, the greatest example of love is Christ Himself and His love for all of us being so great that He would send His son to die on the cross for all of our sins! So that we might have eternal life in Heaven with Him. I don't know what you think love is, but that is love to me! . So I know love to be no less than a perfect feeling.

I am a single young woman, I've dated but all those relationships I considered to be love, I grew up to realize were simply crushes. I do long to be in love but I am more than willing to wait because I'd hate to rush into a love that weren't true all because I was impatient.

So as the hopeless romantic I am, I encourage you to continue to pray for your future mate as He/She is probably just as eager to meet you and in time it will be! Haha my love for music inspires me to think fondly of the times where I am young,free, and single ( & ready to mingle ;) lol lol jk jk!)  but also gives me inspiration for the poems and songs I write based on my experiences and love is the best inspiration! I am young to be "trying to fall in love", sure! Here are two songs that explain best what my heart feels and what my thoughts are right now. They are all by an amazing artist, Corinne Bailey Rae, whose soothing voice and creative lyrics express exactly how I feel at this point in my life! enjoy and check out Corinne Bailey Rae at

Breathless- Corinne Bailey Rae- about feeling love for someone, perhaps a friend, and noticing how the world always seems to be in love when you are not or wish to be....I feel this way sometimes but hey! One day I will be the one holding hands with the man I love so ha! lol ;)  <3

Butterfly- Corinne Bailey Rae- about growing up wrapped in the love, care, and support of loving parents and getting to the age where it is time for you to ":fly off on your own" like a butterfly ;) Since I'm going to be a college student very soon I can relate to this song! I will be very homesick but it is time for me to spread my wings ! ;)

Till it happens to you-Corinne Bailey Rae- about learning what love is and what being in love feels like. Best lyric "you won't believe what love can do, till it happens to you..." This song speaks to me because I don't believe I've ever been in love but I do know that when I am I will know <3 ;)

Corinne Bailey Rae  is that artist who writes the songs that are the soundtrack to my life! I love her and I encourage you to check her out or find an artist who writes the songs,poems, etc that encourage you when your heart is heavy with thoughts of fear, love, dreams, the future, etc. Music for me is an amazing release of  stress and so very soothing!

God Over Everything!
 God bless you! xoxo

Sunday, February 12, 2012

rose petals, assorted chocolates, flowers & frowns

Ahhh Valentine's Day....
Valentine's Day is the day that singles love to hate and couples love to love <3 :)

I've always wondered why love makes so many people unhappy....I mean how can love, the greatest of emotions, contribute to so much grief and sadness? I think the reason so many people feel unhappy when it comes to love and romance is the fact that they don't know what real love is or feels like....

I mean think about it...
How can anyone who is in a true relationship with God not be in  love with love? After all, God is the creator of all things including love.He is the author of love!...and He himself said everything He created is good (Genesis 1:31)...not evil..
Love is one of those things!

Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world (every sinner there ever was,is,and will be)
(John 3:16)because He loves us more than anyone on earth ever can or could ever comprehend
(1 John 4:10) and if that is not love than what is?

So I'll say this,
rather than sitting on the sofa eating containers of ice cream and watching The Notebook or Dear John this Valentine's day..If you do not have a valentine take this Tuesday, February 14th 2012 to reflect on all God has done for you! Spend the day or evening with God! Let God be your valentine!

He won't stand you up on your date, and His conversation and His word are way more enticing than random assorted chocolates, plus His love and time don't cost a thing!

 and If you ever feel lame for not having a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife to share valentine's day or any other day with...remember this!
God knows the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4), He understands your heartache and sadness
(Psalm 45:11) and He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5)...and no human being can do any of that for you.

 Even if you do have a valentine, while you are with your valentine, gazing into their eyes and spending all yo lil money (haha), remember that God should be the center of your relationship...and don't neglect the prayer over your food either ;) God was here before this love of yours and He will be with you whether they work out or not<3 (Hebrews 13:5)

Remember God's love this valentine's day in whatever you do...
stop hating love, loving hate, and being bitter about love..God IS love, and love nor God is to blame for heartbreak or any sadness you feel.( 1 John 4:8)

"Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."
                                                     - 1 John 4:8-10 <3

So HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! xoxo & God Bless<3 Jas!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rain Berry Gatorade, blue skies, and a blueberry :)

Today is a very special day....not only is it another gorgeous day that the Lord has made to rejoice and be glad in, but it is another day I've been blessed to see. Today I went back to school after missing a few days because of an illness. I feel so much better and am so very thankful to be well again.

so lets skip to my 1st period Honors Pre- Calculus class with one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.B! ( we can talk about her more later lol) I am sitting in my assigned seat ( yeah I know, high school students having assigned seats is silly) sipping on what is called Rain Berry Gatorade ( which I think is a watered down Gatorade with a berry flavor ..hence the name right???) working on our math warm-up of the day .....

Here is the warm-up for those who have already passed Pre-Calc and wish to give it a try! ;)

Find a polynomial with roots at 2, 3 and 4  :) I just learned how to do this so don't feel bad!

but anyway, I was working on this warm-up and just thinking how blessed I am to be well and have such a nurturing atmosphere in school as it relates to my current teachers and peers. It truly is a blessing...

In the back of my mind all day I've been thinking of my wonderful Aunt Lenora whose birthday is today. She has passed away such a short time ago and it already feels like forever :(

....So I get to second period...I'm sort of in a daze because I'm thinking of all the work and tests I need to make up and then also thinking of my aunt.....and making sure to sip this Rain Berry Gatorade that I have honestly never heard of ....

plus being the pack rat I am I carry like two large bags ( my purse and my messenger bag) with all of my stuff in it, because I absolutely abhor not having what I need, so I carry the essentials with me almost 100% of the time! I'm carrying these huge bags plus my lunch bag and my Advanced Placement English 4 book, which is VERY LARGE for a text book -___-

So! Finally I get to my 2nd Period class, AP English 4, and sit down and make myself comfortable...Our agenda for the day was to watch a movie called First Night, and basically chill  because my teacher had things to grade....I watched the movie about half way through ( this movie is awesome and the character Lancelot is such a boss, everything he does in that movie just seems incredibly awesome...but anyway..) and am just distracted by the beauty of the clouds and bright blue sky hovering over the K-4 building across the street from the high school portion of my school...

It was just absolutely gorgeous...I mean here I am sipping Rain Berry Gatorade and thinking about my Aunt and how joyous a birthday celebration must be in Heaven...and this day, her special day, is just absolutely beautiful. The sky was bright and the sky was full of white fluffy clouds...I must have stared out of that window for at least 3 minutes.IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Even as I am blogging this moment, my blinds are slightly parted and the sun is reflecting off of the walls in the den of my house . It is not too cold and not too hot and its just absolutely breath taking to look at the gorgeous weather today! It gives my heart a special type of joy, almost as if the beauty of today is reflecting the beauty of my aunt's life..The beauty of the love she shared with me...Her natural beauty <3

& I just keep thinking...Thank you Lord for this absolutely beautiful day and for comforting my heart in so special a way! ...

looking at that bright blue sky made me feel as if ...for one last time...I could hear her running towards me to hug me and give me one of those super strong bear hugs, even though she was petite, and saying : " Hey Jazzy, my blueberry! I've missed you <3" and often kissing me on my cheek. It comforted my heart in a way that only the Lord can when it comes to the loss of a loved one. God truly is amazing <3  & Morning by morning mercies I see <3

I'm saying all this to say ...cherish your loved ones while they are here! Love well & remember that no matter what God is in control, He knows the desires of your heart, He loves you, and He hears you when you talk to Him <3

& Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful angel- love, Auntie Lenora <3 Rest In Paradise Auntie! I look forward to seeing you again! xoxo

Until Next Time,
Jasmine <3

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

crumpled tissues, gatorade, reality tv & sitcoms

so I'm laying on my sofa recovering from an illness ( some type of small bug or virus) that I've had the past two days. 

What have I done these past two days? I've done nothing but blow my nose and leave tissues all over the place. When I'm sick I often feel like poop and begin to get lazy when it comes to the placement of my tissues so---don't judge me!

anyway, I've missed school two days now and I absolutely abhor missing school because I abhor make-up work and being behind -___-

but now I'm about 90%  better and all that is left for me to do is regain my strength and get some food in my system. Yesterday, all I did was have a couple of teaspoons of orange gatorade every 5 minutes or so. Surprisingly, me having to drink gatorade to help my illness does not make me enjoy gatorade any less. 

Besides sleep, using up all the tissue, and sipping gatorade, I've been indulging in constant reality tv as it amuses me and makes me laugh like-->  Are these people for real? People don't really act like that do they?

& then there are the sitcoms that I have seen every episode of yet I continue to watch them and laugh like I've never laughed least I feel better though <3 haha ;p

as relaxing as it is to chillax at home and watch tv, I am more than ready to get back into my usual routine at school as I don't like being sick nor do I like to sit around and do pretty much nothing. At least not when I'm supposed to be in school. My anxiety is wierd like that! Haha

until next time, Jas ;p

getting to beautiful....

Just some thoughts..

I remember being in middle school and trying to figure out what my personal style was when it came to fashion and beauty. Back then I thought beauty was made up of  glossy lips and  designer clothing.  But the clothes you wear nor the make-up applied is beauty at all. If that were true anytime you were naked and barefaced you'd be ugly!

As I got older I came to realize that beauty truly comes from the inside. I graduated middle school and went to high school only to see some of  my friends change their physical appearance and personality to "fit in".
I realize now that society and the media's idea of beauty influences so much of the world around us.

I had to work on getting to beautiful. I , like many, had that awkward preteen phase when one struggles to realize that "beauty is more than skin deep".  I now believe that beauty comes from within. What makes someone beautiful? I think true beauty starts with having a good heart. Beauty is loving yourself and loving others.  Beauty is your natural appearance! I can appreciate make-up, its an art form and enhances the beauty you are born with. But getting to beautiful means that you can feel beautiful without make-up or hair extensions or even the fanciest of clothing. Beauty is not a size, weight, skin tone, hair style, or certain face or body structure or shape.Most of all,  beauty is not anyone's opinion of you....One person may think you are gorgeous while another person may find you simply tolerable in appearance. You are beautiful regardless of what a person thinks or says about you. Who created you? Jesus! Who is anyone to tell you that you are any less than beautiful when Jesus Christ, the King of Kings made you just the way He wanted you? You are beautiful just the way you are <3 .

What am I saying all this to say?
Your highest compliment in regards to appearance should be " are beautiful!."
Because no matter what the media or anyone says you are beautiful :) <3

You are beautiful without a doubt because you are made by God, you are made in His image. If nothing else convinces you of your beauty ( your beauty being the beauty you were born with unaltered and just the way you are).  lets look at what the Bible says about beauty and what a woman of God should be like <3 :)

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is vain, but a woman who serves the Lord is to be praised."
- Proverbs 31:30

" ...I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothe, but with good deeds, appropraite for women who profess to worship God."
- 1 Timothy 2:9-10

"But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." - 1 Samuel 16:7

These were just some thoughts I wanted to share with the blog world...especially the women :)

oh! &  remember :

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling ; there is no flaw in you" - Song of Solomon 4:6-8 <3

Be the beautiful you that you were created to be <3 xoxo & God Bless!
- Jasmine <3

the diary of a princess....

Hello Blog world!

I decided to create a blog after deciding that I'd like to share some of my life's moments with others! 
I also have a family full of writers who have recently jumped on the blogging bandwagon :)

So here I am...Now just for an introductory post... :)  

Why do I call my blog the princess diary?

I was born in 1994, the year that the movie Aladdin came out featuring the arabian Princess Jasmine.  Was I named after this princess? No! But do I like the fact that my name is associated with  royalty? Yes! I call my blog the princess diary because I am a daughter of the King, Jesus Christ, and Him being a King makes me a Princess. By calling myself a princess I in no way intend to say that I am more important or valuable than any other teenage girl or daughter of the Lord, I just thought it was a creative blog title using my name and religious values. <3

What will I blog about?

I plan to blog about life's everyday challenges and precious moments as they come. I will also blog about health and fitness, poetry and art, fashion, and most of all my everyday walk with Christ. <3 

Until next time,
<3 Jasmine